About Us

Do Something Little was founded on the belief that technology can solve the world's greatest issues. We're a team of makers, designers and thinkers that want to give more people in the world access to technology

When we unleash our imaginations, we're able to really impact our communities and the human race at large. And we want to empower people to pursue their creativity through 3D printing and tech-based designed.

We embrace our inner weirdo and celebrate all things tech. 

And we know there are a lot of online stores out there. Some of them are just out to take your money and never talk you again. 

Frankly, we think that's horse sh*t. We're here to provide customer service, a SAFE shopping experience and a satisfactory journey for YOU. Because you matter. 

Like many companies, we do source most of our products from overseas. But many of them will be shipped right from your backyard --whether that's Europe or the US of A. So you won't have to wait 3,843,439 days to get that replacement PLA you need. We're based in the United States and Europe and we speak English, French and Spanish. 

So relax enjoy, and check out our blog posts for some fun info on your journey. 

We're happy you're here.